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Waht is this Custom Blurb Plugin??

We tortured over the name of this WordPress plugin for over a year because it did some things and then it did other things but better.  It was like the “Advanced Most Recent” plugin but it wasn’t just limited to most recent.  Someone called it the “Magic” widget at one point; someone else called it “Custom Story”.

This plugin will let you pick any post or page or groups of them and sort them in any order.  And if you dont pick any it will just show the most recent posts.  Most sites are made with groups of posts and specific areas of the screen and this will allow you to do that.  And you can use one of our premade templates or make your own to have the posts show up in a nice uniform manner.  Check out the example in the sidebar—>

And, if you like this plugin – please donate generously, cause when we are not making WP plugins we are busy shooting guns and kicking ass in front of the camera.

Download here.

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Blurb example

  • Rain
    African Grey Parrot
  • Lucy
    Ball was nominated for an Emmy Award thirteen times, and won four times.[5] In 1977 Ball was among the first recipients of the Women in Film Crystal ...
  • Charlie
  • Poodle
    The Poodle is believed to have originated in Germany,[1] where it was known as the Pudelhund. Pudel(cognate with the English word "puddle"), is deriv...

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